What I accidentally found at the thrift shop

I love reading books and to save money I buy books from a thrift shop or in Australia we call it op shop. When I get the chance to go to a bigger town I go and buy books from a discount book store, I recently found a second hand bookstore close to where I live. I am halfway reading a book entitled “The Game”, a book written by Neil Strauss about PUA (pick up artist) not the usual book I read but for a change I bought this book for $8 second hand. So far it is entertaining, and eventhough it is not my typical book I still picked up some good life lesson from it. I learned that hardwork pays off, persistence, self confidence and focus on your goal can help you to your success. 

So I walked in to one of my favourite op shop to buy books and I found this red avanti road bike, it has a few scratches a pedal for a bmx bike and ripped handle tapes. I measured the height and found it perfect to my size, I’m not a big guy, I’m small to medium. I inspected it a bit more and found that this bike is a pro series bike, I lifted it and it weighs like a feather, I always wanted to own a bike like these but I can’t afford a brand new one. I looked at the shop keeper and asked how much for the bike, when she said $60 I didn’t think twice, I said “I’d take it, thank you very much”. I found a bargain! 

I took it to a bike shop and got the handle bar tapes replaced. The bike mechanic mentioned that the tires installed on the bike are indestructable, I was happy to find that out, I also told him how much I paid for it and he told me I did well. I could not wait to take it home, I gave it a good clean, polished it and replaced the pedal. 

I went for a quick ride this morning and I think this is the best $60 I ever spent, not only that the bike looks good, riding it is a good cardio exercise. I’m looking forward on riding again this Sunday morning. 

Do you go to a thrift shop? what did you find that is worth a lot and paid less? 


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