I was wondering

sometimes i wonder

It’s a typical¬†Sunday¬†morning, breeze was refreshing, sun’s warmth is perfect, you can just sit outside a coffee shop and sip on a nicely brewed coffee made by a friendly faced barista. that, was exactly i was doing when i overheard someone said “she was an intelligent young woman”, and so i asked myself, how do we measure intelligence? when you say intelligent is that the same as saying you are wise? i am asking this because i want to know, i want to learn and understand, are these learnt from getting a college education? i read that when you grow older you become wiser, do we really? or we just make better decisions in life? do we loose our sense of fun and become more serious in life? can we teach how to make better decesions? if it can be, i really wished that someone has showed me the way of making better judgement in life. on the positive side, you just have to learn and learn quickly from your mistakes, let go of the past, enjoy what is now and prepare for what is to come. on the wedding speech that i covered yesterday, the father of the groom said “you only get what you put in, so if you give it your all in this new journey as husband and wife, you might get most of it all back” now, is he intelligent? or wise?


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