10 Ways To Find More Time 

Away From The Noise

How can you get things done when you are being pulled in different directions? How can you make time for family, work, friends and other interests?

Managing time can be a challenge, so here are a few pointers that have been helpful to my coaching clients over the past few years. I hope they help you achieve what you want to achieve:

  • Do something now. However small,action breeds more action
  • Break down bigprojects into smaller, achievable-sized steps
  • Say ‘no’ when necessary. You can’t keep everybody happy. Take control to achieve what you want
  • Do the mostimportant andchallengingthing in your day first
  • Review your to-do list every day. Set achievable deadlines
  • Set time aside to answer your emails and calls when you choose
  • Work when you are at your best. Are you an early bird or night owl?
  • Clear your mental and physical space tofocus and be more productive. Clear your…

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