Monk Parable

Life as I see it!

A monk is traveling back to his monastery. As he crosses an open field, a fierce samurai warrior suddenly confronts him. The samurai blocks the monk’s path with his hand menacingly poised above the hilt of his sword. In a threatening voice, he asks the monk three questions in staccato fashion: “Who are you? Where are you going? Why are you going there?” Somewhat stunned by this unexpected turn of events, the monk regains his composure and responds with a question of his own: “How much does your shogun pay you to stand on guard here and ask these questions of all travelers?” The samurai, slightly taken aback by the question, replies, “Two bags of rice each month.” The monk smiles and says to the samurai, “I will pay you three bags of rice a month if you will ask me these same three questions every day.”


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