I’m gonna do this with flying colors…

I Can Keep The Weight Off

I’m beginning to realize more and more that a higher power is at work in my mission to run a marathon.

Now, I don’t like to talk all church-y, because I believe that many people who do are just doing it for their OWN glory. Fakers.

But I am definitely and exclusively a Christ follower and I KNOW when He is at work in my life.

Today was my first time training with a running club. The 15 or so members were very friendly and made me feel comfortable, knowing I was a beginner.

They let me know from the get-go that everyone runs at a different pace.

I stayed with the pack for about the first three minutes, then I eased off into my own snail’s pace:). I was totally prepared to and expecting to run alone. But one young woman, just 24, decided to fall back and run…

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