Caine Said So


Confidence is not demonstrated by arrogance. It is evidenced by patience. Confidence is not loud. It is quiet, calmly persistent and effective. Confidence is not boastful. Rather, confidence is capable. Confidence does not change course with every shift in the wind. Confidence adjusts to the changes in order to remain on a sure and steady course. Confidence has the strength to be kind, and the courage to be truthful.

To become more confident, endeavor to be more patient. To build your own confidence, do the preparation that will make you more capable and effective. Focus clearly on your purpose even in the face of disappointment. Act with sincere kindness toward others, and give truth the highest priority. These things define confidence; they will bring out your own confidence.

Deep-seated confidence will add real value to everything you do. You cannot take it from someone else, or expect for it to be…

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