Moving to a new home

Hello everyone! I would like to thank all of you who followed this blog over the years (slowly), I’m very excited to announce that I am now moving to my new blog: I hope to see you all there! My new home is still a work in progress and needs a lot of loving and sharing, I would appreciate it if you join me on this new journey. Next year, (in a couple of days) I will be starting the 52 weeks challenge and that is just the start of my big plans.

christmas balls
“Anything is possible”

beauty is everywhere 

I found this dead tree while I was having a break from driving on my way to melbourne. I think it makes a good photo opportunity specially on a great day like that day, it was gray, the sky is covered with clouds that hides the sun. No need for a filter while it can improve if I use one. Beauty is everywhere like this dead tree, you just have to see it that way. So as life. 

Simpliest things that makes us happy

img_0029I remember when I was young so much younger than I am today I, love the sounds of the rain falling down on a roof made of coconut leaves. I could listen to it till it stops. I don’t know how to explain it but I just love it it makes me happy, it calms me down and imagine things, it makes me day dream. It’s been awhile since I’ve had this, and today sitting under this tree made me think that, simple things like this makes me happy.

what is yours?

Ingenuity starts with a spark: The talks of TED@IBM — TED Blog

IBM’s editorial director, Michela Stribling, kicks off Session 1 at TED@IBM: Spark, November 16, 2016 in San Francisco. (Photo: Russell Edwards/TED) From artists to scientists, mothers, mathematicians and business visionaries, people in every corner of the world are dreaming up solutions to our most pressing problems. Whether tackling war and peace or the principles of machine…

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