How To Be Happier 7 Days A Week

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Laughing Man 6Having a bad day? Feeling sad or discouraged?  Read on:

Don’t compare yourself, celebrate yourself!
Run your own race, you have something great to offer.
Live without excuses.
Guilt will steal your joy.

joel osteen

Excerpts from, Every Day a Friday, by Joel Osteen

I’m not usually a fan of Television evangelists. However sound their their message, there’s always the danger of one of those excrutiating public apologies when caught in the midst of some scandal or the other. Who can forget Tammy Faye Baker‘s   (  tear-induced runaway mascara, when hubby Jim confessed his infidility on a worldwide broadcast. Thanks to this and many other public implosions, the image of the T.V preacher has suffered over the years, but Joel Osteen seems bent on changing  that.

While Osteen is the acknowledged Mega King of the Mega T.V. churchs, he seems to be a horse of…

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